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Thursday, October 28th, 2010


There are many types of photography, but all of them aim to achieve the same basic principle: to stop time. The role of the photographer is to choose what portion of space is to be frozen in time, for what length of time, and what is the focus of the image. I have personally become quite accustomed to journalistic photography, which focuses primarily on capturing people and places in action. Most of my blog so far has displayed this form of photography, capturing BotS in many of the unique locations we visit, usually pointing at, picking up, or sampling some […]

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Monday, October 25th, 2010

Capturing nature

During this week’s nature photography project, one thing stuck with me: “Slow down.” Cub Khan, a nature photographer, came to Lewisburg this week to instruct us how to use our cameras to photograph nature. While instructing us on the use of tripods, Cub mentioned that they unintentionally force you to slow down and examine what you do. Below is a photo tour of where we went this past week: Bucknell, Bucknell Natural Area, Tall Timbers Old Growth Forest, Northumberland and Montandon Marsh. The Susquehanna River Symposium also taught me to slow down and examine the river’s watershed with smaller ideas […]

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